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We take pride in making our products easy to use, but once in awhile a user will have some question or need some help. Hopefully this page will answer your questions. Following are the most common questions that we receive.

Website Questions

Q: When I order online, is my credit card number safe?
A: Our online order form is on a secure server, so any information that you enter is strongly protected. Your order is then processed via the bank through another secure system so your information is very secure.

Q: What's with all the Free Sounds on your site, I thought you sold those as a product?
A: We give away all 5,000+ sounds for free non-commercial use. If you are using the sounds for a commercial product then you need to buy the collection, or maybe even license them.

Download Questions

Q: I ordered a downloadable product, now where is it?
A: When you order a downloadable product you will get an email that has your download information. You just click on the link we provide and our website will ask you for your name and password. These are in your email and consist of your order number, and a random password. Type these in and your browser will start downloading the program installer or dmg file. In Windows just run the installer and the program will be installed on your machine. On Macintosh, open the DMG file and drag the program folder to your hard drive. Note that your download link will be active for about a week, so make sure you download within this period.

CD-ROM Shipping

Q: How long will it take for me to recieve my CD-ROM product that I ordered?
A: Generally orders are processed and shipped that day. Shipping is from Tucson and is via US Postal Priority Mail. This means most products will arrive at US locations within 2-3 days.

Product Questions

Q: I purchased one your Casino products and it seems that the Poker game isn't calculating the winning hand correctly?
A: Make sure you know the rules of the game. Texas Holdem and Omaha High Poker have very different rules. Click on the Help button (?) in the game to see specific game rules.

Q: Some of the machine based games seem to act odd when I double click on the buttons?
A: Most game buttons only require a single click. So a double click is like doing two clicks in a row.

Q: I really like poker so I bought your "Texas Holdem 21 Poker" game, and I bought "Texas Hold'em Poker" by Simply Media/Black Tooth. They seem to be the same product, what's up with that?
A: Simply Media/Black Tooth has no affiliation with BeachWare. That company is owned by a guy named Deaver Brown who took our product, added his own credit screen, and then illegally sold it as his own product. Click here to see the how the two products compare. As far as we can tell this guy is a crook as is well documented on news websites here and here, and on the site of another small software company that he scammed here. If you are a customer who was tricked in this way, let us know and we'll give you a free downloadable game for your trouble.

Q: The text on my Slot Machine game looks messed up, what wrong?
A: Many of our games were written for screens of 800 x 600. If you have an older machine with a screen size of 640 x 480, our program will try to scale the game screen down to fit your settings. This can cause problems in reading small text like slot machine amounts. The solution is to set your monitor size to 800 x 600 or larger.

Contact Info:
BeachWare, Inc.
4980 N. Campbell Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85718
520.577.8945 (Voice / Fax)

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